Business Owners

Business Owners

Our mission is to provide optimized retirement plan designs and excellent plan administration and consulting services - all at a reasonable price point. We will custom design the best plan for your business, allowing you to maximize your tax-deductions and keep as much of your income as possible.

Qualified Plan Advantages:

  • Employer Contributions to the plan are tax-deductible
  • Employer Contributions to the plan are not currently taxable to Employees
  • Investment earnings within the trust fund for the plan are not currently taxable

Plan Design

Whether you’re looking for a powerful tax-planning vehicle for your business or seeking the best retirement benefits package for your employees, or both, Benetech will consult with you to design the right retirement plan to meet your goals.

Plan Administration

Having a qualified retirement plan shouldn’t be like putting a puzzle together. We tie together all of the pieces for you, so you can focus on what’s important—running your business.


We provide our clients with up-front consulting on plan design, plan documents, and excellent ongoing support for plan operation, testing and reporting. Each client is assigned to a dedicated Benetech retirement specialist, who will act as their central point of contact.

We do not charge for ongoing consulting regarding basic administrative and operational matters. If a plan is no longer meeting the needs of a client, we will provide consulting to determine the client’s goals and necessary actions.  Furthermore, we will redesign the plan to ensure that the client is getting the most out of their plan.

We also re-design and takeover administration services for existing plans – contact us for a quote to takeover your existing plan and find out more about how switching to Benetech can help drive your plan in the right direction.

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