Secure Technology

Secure Technology

We maintain a robust and up-to-date cyber security environment. We consider the protection of confidential information to be a core responsibility of every business.

The best cyber security consists of technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect networks and data from cyber attacks. We follow this philosophy with employee education, internal policies, and up-to-date maintenance of both our hardware and software.

We make use of a variety of technological solutions to maintain a robust security environment. The practices may include, but are not limited to:

1) Enterprise level next generation firewall with 24×7 monitoring

2) Intrusion detection and protection

3) Web filtering, including deep packet inspection for virus, worm, or other malicious code

4) Anti-virus software provided by a market leading, USA based company

5) Secure client portal for transmitting confidential data

We utilize the services of several large IT services firms to allow us to have up to date expertise, experience, and knowledge in regards to our cyber security and network environment. The firms involved have a national presence and reach with network support engineers and around the clock availability.

We engage our employees with security training to raise the awareness against sophisticated ‘phishing’ and other human or social media based cyber attacks.

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