Select one of the options below based on your business profile:

Owner Only Companies

Save up to $300,000 a year on a tax deferred basis
(use our on-line calculator)

The Online calculator is designed for a company without employees, other than the owner(s), and generates a proposal for a Cash Balance and 401(k) Plan Proposal in less than 5 minutes!

Candidates include:

-          The owner is the only employee; or

-          The owner and spouse are the only employees; or

-          There are two owner-employees.

Please use our link to submit data for a custom proposal if you have more than two employees, including part-time employees and family member employees, or if the owner(s) own any other companies.

Companies with Employees

Learn your plan design options to maximize savings
(custom proposal request)

For companies with employees, we will prepare a customized plan illustration based on the data collected using our online form.  We provide custom proposals for Cash Balance, Defined Benefit, 401(k), and Profit Sharing Plans OR a combination of two plans to maximize savings.

If you need assistance gathering the information needed for a contribution illustration, please contact our sales department at: