Right Retirement Plan

Selecting the Right Retirement Plan for Your Client

2024 Retirement Plan Limits

The Ladder of Custom Plan Design & Plan Design Comparative Chart

Cash Balance & 401(k) Program
Supercharge a 401(k) Plan by adding a Cash Balance DB Plan

Owner-Only 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
For owner-only businesses or owner & spouse businesses

Owner-Only Cash Balance Plan
The preferred option when building retirement saving quickly

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan
Low cost plans that allow owners to defer at the maximum rate, without regard to the deferrals of other employees

Starting a 401(k) Plan
Things to consider when establishing a new 401(k) Plan

Tiered 401(k) Plan
The 401(k) Plan that optimizes contributions for owners

Tiered Profit Sharing Plan
A flexible plan that optimizes contributions for owners

Year-End Data Collection Made Easy